Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing is known as a high class/exclusive hobby or sport and this is a decisive point of view. As it may seem unapproachable from the first look, it is actually a very warm and welcoming style of dancing where people spend a lot of time close to each other. It is a dance style that to some it may seem more athletic, while the others see a pure art in it; nonetheless, beginning and continuing students of all backgrounds and ages are finding Ballroom Dances easy to start.
The Ballroom Dancing is a generic name which encompasses Ballroom and Latin dances, and there are few styles to it. While the Ballroom and Latin dances poses a lot of similarities, there are quite a few differences between the two. First, it is the music, and then there are the movements that are different. Next, it is easy to spot that people dress differently for a particular dance; for Ballroom dances, lady wears longer dresses, while with the Latin dances, the dresses are shorter to help with the movement. The shoes are also customized for the appropriate movement - a closed toe for Ballroom, and the open toe shoe for Latin. The gentlemen have a Cuban heel for Latin and a standard heel for an elegant Ballroom dancing.

The Ballroom dances are all partner dances and there are four distinguished dance styles:

  • Standard and Latin

  •  AMERICAN Style
  •  Smooth and Rhyth

The Ballroom dances are very popular around the world. The International style is a top dance style of choice in Europe and in the Northern America. The American style of dancing along with the Smooth and Rhythm are very popular in America. In all these styles of dancing one can compete or dance just for fun or any other reason. For Social Dancing, you can dance all four styles if you like, and, of course, include Salsa, West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango to have a good time.
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