About Us

City Best Dance is a New York - based dance studio that changes peoples’ lives through dancing. The studio provides the best Ballroom classes that include the following:

, and the following lessons:

, and the Notorious Wedding Dance custom-choreographed classes in New York. Most students normally start lessons without prior dance experience and/or a partner; however, there are also beginner, intermediate, and advanced level newcomers.

The City Best Dance studio has a number of locations and it offers convenient weekday and weekend class schedule. The Studio offers classes in Manhattan (4 locations), Queens (1) and Brooklyn (1). The time options range from early morning to noon and to evening hours, and all these classes are taught by experienced teachers.

The Studio features professional dance instructors and coaches. The Dance Studio staff is well-trained and is prepared to dedicate attention, instruction, and help in achieving the desired result. The goal of a Studio is to make every student a better dancer from a first moment she/he walks into the door of the Studio.