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Why we dance?

01 October 2015

Why dancing? Some, who dances already, view this as a rhetorical question, but all see the following benefits:

  • Beauty, Popularity and Contest - some students like to be attributed with these perks that the dancing brings with professional instructors
  • Posture, Stamina, Endurance - these are the other benefits that get developed when practicing the dance styles
  • Be Fit and Shaped - it is quite visible to a naked eye that those dancing have a good fit and well-shaped muscles that were not built at a gym! The dancing, in fact, does not feel like a workout, - the dancing gives students a chance to workout without dreading it, and it comes without a boring routine or a tedious cardio session
  • Look and Feel Good -  students are finding that after starting to dance they tend to look and feel better
  • No Age Limits - another benefit is no age restrictions and no adverse effect on health! Some are starting to dance at an early age to become amazing dancers (and even champions!), and some are discovering the wonderful world of dancing at the time of a retirement; in numerous cases, the dancing is advised to help staying fit, active and healthy!
  • It is Good for Your Brain - some scientific studies are finding that dancing is boosting your memory, maximizes the brain function, and it prevents from developing the dementia