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Social Dance for Beginners

07 August 2019

Any one who ever dreamed abot starting the dance and never did. This is your time. We are offering 4 weeks course for beginners, where you can shake off your fear.

With a partner or no partner!

This  course includes: Swing Dancing, Rumba, Foxtrot and Waltz. Feel free to email us for any specific dance you would like to learn. Sign in Via Eventbrite "Social Dancing For Beginners"

"Be in the moment.
Don't worry about what people may say about you in the future. Don't worry about how stiff you were in the past. Just listen to the music, pretend you're one of the instruments and let your body flow with it. I personally like following the hi-hats or a rhythmic synth sound.
Check your center of gravity. This is an imaginary point on the vertical axis where you imagine the middle of your body is. Stiff people tend to be centered a little higher up in the abdomen area. Loose, or cool people are centered down in the coccyx, the bottom area of the hips. 
Don't move the head. Sway the upper body with the shoulders instead. Let the head follow naturally without even thinking about it.

Keep the knees slightly bent all the time and relax everything like you know you are perfect". Ken Biddle, Boxing Trainer, DJ