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What to wear for your first lesson and what to know before you go!

16 January 2020

Congratulations on starting a new hobby! The first lesson is an important step, but please feel no pressure, - we will explain all the steps leading you to a proper start.

For your first lesson, please wear light and comfortable clothes as it is warm when you move around. For ladies, we recommend to wear at least 2-inch shoes or shoes with some elevation. For gentlemen, the dress shoes are appropriate. Also, stay away from shoes on a rubber sole.

During the first lesson, we begin with an introduction to basic elements for dancing and popular dances. Then, follows a program planning to make sure that you learn the dances you selected. It is normally practical to take 3-5 dances a week to feel the progress.

Please plan your lessons and if you need to change the time, let us know 24h in advance.