With Tango, it is all about Ballroom Tango versus Argentine Tango. The Ballroom Tango is a progressive dance where one moves around the floor counterclockwise, and this expresses the character that is dramatic and strong in movements. The American Tango, being a Ballroom dance, is a great exhibition dance where music is staccato beat, - this Tango is great for beginner and advanced dancers. For a particular taste - there is the Argentine Tango.
The Argentine Tango originates in Argentina with some taste blends from around the world. It got influences from African, Spanish, Italian, British, Polish, Russian and native Argentine music. The history shows that Tango got introduced to the USA in 1914’s and it was well accepted. The Argentine Tango is a feel dance where leading and following plays a big role. It is also a social dance with Milonga being the most popular dance with its choice of a music mix of a fast-paced polka and Bandoneon Candombe rhythms.