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Makeup - dance competition

01 March 2016

Here we describe how to create a presentable competitive look for dance competitions by starting with the basics.

First, you need to know that the makeup for ballroom dance competitions will look a way more dramatic than what you would normally wear for the evening. The main reasoning is in heavy lights that will lighten your face so there is a preference to look darker. Also, you would need to look quite tanned and it is advised not to use a self-tanned cream on your face, unless it is specifically made for this purpose.

Next, the eye shadows can be done as desired - they can be blended or sharp. The light beige brown and black colors can be applied closer to the outside corners of the eye. The rouge is needed just a little because bronzer and foundation were already applied. 

Finally, the lips can be done with a contour in red or pink. Try to choose the palette accordingly with warm or cold colors.